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Monday, June 1, 2020

Patricia Brent, Spinster by Herbert Jenkins

Patricia Brent, Spinster

Patricia Brent lives in a mundane boarding house and one day overhears the others talking about her lack of a partner in rather condescending tones. She outrageously tells them that she does have a partner and is meeting him this evening.

The whole situation spirals out of control, when the busybodies follow her to the hotel to find out who she is actually meeting. Having been very bold to approach a young man and pleading with him to act the part the story proceeds from there becoming more complicated when she realizes she is attracted to the young man (who incidentally is a Lord!) and he himself realizes he is in love with her.

Not wanting to appear to be a gold digger, Patricia wants out of the so called engagement but friends and family conspire to keep things going till Patricia sees sense. It all ends happily.

It was the ideal read for me amongst the doom and gloom of Covid 19. I downloaded this from Amazon for free and enjoyed every minute of this old fashioned story.

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  1. This sounds great; I've been looking for a few lighter reads as well and, a mix of mysteries.