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Friday, October 18, 2019

Sassafras by Trish Heald

Champs Noland is in a retirement community and he hates it with a passion. His wife has passed away and he is totally at a loss how to cope with everyday stuff. He wishes she left him notes on how to manage their three children, what to say to people and just how to survive.

Champs has been the provider and nothing else. He has not been able to actually grieve the loss of his wife and just plods on day to day just trying to get through the day the only way he knows how. Returning to his holiday home on the river is the only way he knows how to live, but finding on arrival that the entire place has been gentrified makes him so angry that again he does not know what and how to cope.

When the children start arriving with the intention of disposing their mother's ashes and having some form of closure, apart from trying to get to grips with their father things take on a slightly ludicrous turn with Champs opposing them at every turn and not being able to see the bigger picture of how concerned they all are for him. Faced with a discovery that he only suspected before Champs has to now learn how to live, and love and forget all over again.

A story of family - amidst grieving for a much loved mother, and relationships which have to be first mended before they can move on.

Sent to me by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Glasswing Media.


  1. The older I get, the more novels like this appeal to me. I'll look for it!

  2. I agree with Mary. The older I get the more real some of these problems seem. The need for independence and the need for children to see their parents safe is a quandary for so many.

  3. I can imagine how emotional this one is. As my mother gets older, as I get older, I think this is one I could relate to.

  4. really emotional story love with mother is a diamond which no one want to lose.