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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Measure of Katie Calloway by Serena Miller

The Measure of Katie Calloway (Michigan Northwoods, #1)

This was a free download from Amazon and was a light, romantic read with a lot of descriptive detail thrown in of a hitherto unknown subject for me!

The world of lumber and how the whole system operates is done in great detail in this book. Strangely enough it is not dull or boring. The author has made it so alive and interesting that even though the main story is about Katie, the background of lumber is very much alive.

Katie is in an abusive relationship. Getting out of it is no easy task for women of this era. After a particularly bad night, she escapes taking with her her eight year old brother and a bag of coins. After considerable adventures, she becomes the cook at a lumber camp and even reading about the food she turns out is mouth watering. From flapjacks to doughnuts for breakfast to apple and peach pies and in enormous amounts to feed the appetites of these hard working men was no easy task and Katie falls to it with a will.

On the sidelines of course is the villain of the piece, her husband Harlan who is determined to find her and take her back home. He feels that she is his ruination, and though he did try to murder her once and marry a rich widow - he still wants her back. The other suitor is the owner of the camp who is unaware of Katie's chequered past.  

Set at the time of the end of the Civil War in America with destruction widespread, so many homes without their husbands and brothers, this story was a very compelling one, despite its airy tone.

Enjoyed very much the details of how a camp operates and how this industry first started in America.


  1. I have this in my Kindle Library. Thanks for your comments as it will move up on my TBR list...Although maybe not too soon since I plan to focus on sci fis in November and probably Christmas reads in December.