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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Like the title the book is intriguing. I doubt very many would be able to even guess what the story was about.

We have heard of smuggling of every kind from people to hmmm guns!!! but butter??? I was totally flummoxed by this. One thousand pounds of butter at a time in souped up vehicles crashing barriers at borders, shoot outs with border guards so it was obviously very lucrative. Involving Dutch police, crossing over to Belgium, jumping across to Germany visiting several cities on the way the story of a policeman who goes beyond the call of duty to track down a seemingly innocuous murder.

I liked Piet  Van der Walk very much and hope I do get a chance to read more books where he plays a leading role. Didn't much care for the female lead in this story. Lucienne is not very likable and is full of self interest (mainly anyway). The book involves a murder and the story of our butter smuggling unravels with the investigation of the murder.

Interesting book.


  1. Butter smuggling? Hmm. I'm glad you found it interesting!

  2. Is this based on a true story? It does sound interesting.

  3. Dearest Mystica,
    this book really sounds interesting!
    Thanks for recommending it - and thank you for your nice comment! Of course I will try to visit Sri Lanka one day! (What a pitty that there are so many places in the world that I want to see!!!! :o)) If you want to see my South-India-introductin - I startet it right now!
    Best wishes from Austria, Traude

  4. I really like his style - and a very quirky and often quite odd plot! I liked his 'Because of the Cats' too - one never quite knew what might happen next.