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Friday, November 1, 2013



So much of this book is so familiar. I think every fourteen year old girl has grown up being unsure, wanting to be popular and pretty, wanting to be one of a crowd, ashamed of our parents, nervous how they would behave with our friends, wondering who would let slip something that would later mark us out as being geeks!!! the story is endless.

However, I did not enjoy this book. It became too much of a negative for me.  Lee is from Indiana trying to fit into a boarding school where the more socially clever and richer families send their children to. She is there on scholarship and she feels this as a slight. After sometime, reading about Lee and her endless need for approval and to be part of the group got to me. 

I liked the first book I read by this author - The American Wife and was very disappointed with this one! It left me very dissatisfied.


  1. Haven't tried this one, but I know the reviews were mixed.

  2. I liked The American Wife as well. I just finished a book with too many mean high school girls, and would probably not read this one.