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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First chapter - First paragraph Tuesday Introduction - Friday Nights by Joanna Trollope

Every Tuesday Diane at Bibiliophile by the Sea hosts First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros, where she shares the first paragraph or (a few) of a book she is reading or thinking about reading soon. Please join in this meme.

The book I hope to start tonight is

Friday Nights

Joanna Trollope is a favourite author of mine. I like the light hearted but at the same time tongue in the cheek humour. The handling of human relationships and everyday happenings within all normal families. These are spot on!

"Toby's mother said that when Eleanor came he'd have to go down to the ground floor and help her with the lift.

Toby said - sulkily because he was angry with her for something he couldn't quite put his finger on - 'She doesn't need help'.

His mother was standing in front of the mirror she had propped on top of a chest in her bedroom. She was arranging her hair in a complicated kind of knot, and she had a hairclip between her teeth.

Through it she said without looking at him 'Toby, this isn't about need. It's about manners'.

Am so looking forward to reading this book.

The last couple of weeks have been so so on the book reading front. I couldn't finish two books and this is something that rarely happens - when it does I get really upset because first of all getting the books is a huge problem and when I get them and don't like them that becomes for me such a waste of time and resources.......

This is one such book that will not disappoint though!



  1. Humm. Interesting enough to make me a read a little more but not quite sure it's for me.

    I'm playing this week here.

  2. I think I'd read a bit more, I like the writing. Enjoy and thanks for joining us this week.

  3. I'd read more, based on you thoughts on other books by the same author. Hope this one is as good as you anticipate.

  4. That is some intro. I would definitely go on...!!

    Here is my post

  5. I would definitely keep reading...I want to know more about Eleanor and the other characters.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. I enjoy this author...and I liked that opener. Good dialogue.

    I just ordered the author's new book, Sense and Sensibility. It piqued my curiosity.


  7. Glad this book will not disappoint. I have not read this author.

  8. I think I'd have to read a bit more before deciding. enjoy your book. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

  9. I hate it when I can't seem to get into a book. Hopefully this one will be better for you! It does sound good.

  10. I like that line. It's not about need. It's about manners. She's a wonderful author. I like her books.

  11. I love it when a short paragraph like this just pulls me in. I already love the mother.