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Saturday, June 9, 2012


This was a chunkster but it was three separate stories which made it a bargain. I do hope I can find more of her books.

Just doing a brief review on all three books.

In Wild Mountain Thyme we find Victoria - simple and ready to be taken for a ride (again) by the smooth talking, glib man she fell in love with years ago. Standing on her doorstep as if he had seen her only yesterday with a two year old infant in his arms, he knows Victoria's weaknesses so well, her innate politeness and goodness that she will not turn anyone away let alone a man holding a crying child in his arms, this story takes on from there.

You want to literally shake Victoria and tell her she has other options but this is the story........

The Empty House finds us with a young widow returning to her dream filled Cornwall with two young children hoping that she can find love again. She is also hoping to break away from the overbearing mother in law and worse still Nanny of her husband's family. One keeps cheering her on hoping that she will forget about the convenience of having everything done for her and try to stand on her own two feet.

The third story deals with Jane going back to Scotland to find passion and love but her love of Sinclair is tinted with a bit of hesitation. Coming from the United States she has a lot to contend with - returning to Elvie in her beloved Scotland and dealing with a lot of forgotton memories.

Reading Rosamunde Pilcher's books you are generally swept with a lot of feeling. I find myself rooting for one or the other characters, angry with them over their general complacency or laid back attitude. I want to point out options that will take them out of their complicated lives very easily and at the end I do realize that this is a story of human beings, who will never act the way they should act and that none of us do what is good for us!!!!

I have just started reading her books and now find myself looking out for these very warm, family stories.

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