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Thursday, June 28, 2012


This book might bore someone who is not interested in history. Unlike a story set in a particular period which would interest more people, this book is strictly for lovers of history - and here it would be English history.

Starting from 1066 and the Normans to the present House of Windsor it gives you a synopsis of all the Kings and Queens of England with lots of fascinating snippets which would never find their way in a formal biography! Which king was infamous for what is nice because it also shows that they were very human after all. The vast majority of them would have believed they were semi gods but they were just very normal people.

The chapter on each King or Queen is just a couple of pages only but it was very good reading for me. History can get confusing and sometimes it is good to get it clearly sorted out who came first!
The book is also descriptive of the era of the time - whether there was a war or revolt going on and tidbits about the family history of each King or Queen was also included.

A very nice book for lovers of history.


sakura said...

I used to obsessively read about English kings and queens when I was a child so I'm sure I'll love this one! Have you ever read Winston Churchill's History of the English Speaking People? That was the first history book I read as a child and I became hooked!

Nicola Mansfield said...

When I was young I had a similar book of hers only it was about the Queens only. If I remember it started with Boadicea and of course went to QEII. Since it was just the Queens I guess she had room to go into a little more depth as I remember each Queen having quite a nice biography.

bermudaonion said...

This probably isn't the book for me.

I'm so not a blogger said...

Hi, take a look at as you have won a book from us!

A Bookish Space said...

This sounds like exactly the kind of book for me. The more I read non-fiction history books, the more I realise that I don't really know which monarch followed which (apart from in the Tudor period). I need to get a better idea in my head of how all the monarchs followed on from each other.