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Monday, June 4, 2012

Mailbox Monday/It's Monday What Are You Reading?

Mailbox Monday is on tour. This months host is Alternative Read.

I had no new books coming in this week and though it was a very hectic week with a four day
trip for a wedding at the end I was able to pack in a good amount of reading.

Finished three books over the whole trip which is good. Now for the reviews.

This meme hosted by Book Journey.

Just finishing

Enjoying it thoroughly. Love the setting and the characters are so good! eccentric, down to earth, so very British some of them - you have them all. This is a wonderful read.


  1. Weddings are always fun!

    Hope you have a great reading week!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  2. The Pursuit of Love definitely sounds interesting to me. I know that Nancy Mitford is a popular British author.

  3. I haven't read Nancy Mitford but I love a book with very British people. Sounds good.

  4. Glad you were able to read a lot while you were away. Hope you had a great time!

  5. i really want to read some nancy mitford soon! how fun!

  6. I'm envious that you were able to read while out of town - I usually find myself reading a whole lot less when I'm not home!