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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I wanted a light read as work has got particularly heavy and tedious at times. This was an ideal book for me. Three sisters in the Rising family described as daffodils - I couldn't understand the description as they were not all light and fun but anyway.

As usual family stories have their own legacy of history and skeletons in the closet. It also covered two generations of a couple of families which also was interesting and showed how the families were linked generation thru generation. The three girls March, April and May - their lives, and loves are detailed in this book. Set in the West Country the book is very descriptive of the area and one of the highlights of the story is the attachment that the family has to this area and their reluctance to move away. So different to what actually happens today. We find that we may like one place very much but circumstances forces one to move lock, stock and barrel despite our feelings for a particular area.  The lives of the three main characters  may not all end happily ever after but the end comes with unexpected twists all the same.  No one acts in character - especially for the times it depicted - but that only goes to show that human nature can be surprising and will act in totally unexpected and surprising ways to just survive if nothing else.

A very nice pleasant read. My first read from this very prolific author.


  1. Maybe daffodils bloom in March, April, and May? This does sound like a sweet book.

  2. Interesting review Mystica! Thanks for sharing and will add to the list
    (ever growing!).
    Blessings to you and yours for Easter!