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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Alan Titchmarsh's MR. MACGREGOR

The author himself is a gardener and presenter so he does this very easily. It is a light read on gardening amongst other things and was ideal for me after I had finished very heavy books and needed something light, humourous and easy to digest!

Rob is a gardener - one of the down to earth, no frills kind and very popular. He is co hosting a show along with Bertie - described perfectly as a fading queen - nothing could be more precise - description wise!  Bertie is unhappy with the arrangement as he feels that Rob is taking away all the limelight on account of his youth, good looks and charisma not forgetting that Bertie has now become a soak and with a complicated love life which is influencing his TV show. Viewers themselves have noted the snide remarks and Rob and the producers are in a quandary what to do next.

To this you add a complication in Rob's love life where he has a one night stand with a news presenter and this finally becomes known to his long time girlfriend. Apart from that Rob's own father is having problems with his nursery which though well established and doing reasonably well has its own share of problems.

This was ideal for me for the weekend. Lots of gardening knowledge, details of the Chelsea Flower Show which I am very unlikely ever to see, the world of British gardening described in detail and a bit of human relationships and fun thrown in.

Nice reading.


  1. It's not what I expected - it sounds different and fun. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I thought this might be cute, based on the cover. It sounds like a nice, light read.

  3. I used to enjoy watching his gardening show - I can't remember what it was called but they rescued gardens. Glad you enjoyed the book!