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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review - Anuradha Roy - THE FOLDED EARTH

As usual I read about this on the blogs but the cover did nothing for me. The story however was wonderful. Set in a remote hill cantonment of Raniket in very northern India the book revolves around Maya who is seeking a refuge after the very sudden death of her husband Michael. Disowned by a Hindu orthodox family for marrying a Kerala Christian the story is timeless.

It is also set in a very picturesque part of India - very distant from the humid, hot India which I personally know and makes me long for Shimla and Nainital and the hill stations!

Very reminiscent of the British Raj we are dealing with army generals and brigadiers, former Raj's who still seem to live in British India - deploring the lack of discipline and formality long gone. On the other hand we see the emerging hill tribes, politics in all its glorious Asian colors, romance, family ties and a beautiful story which actually unfolds. I loved the bits about Nehru and Edwina Mountbatten so long discussed and pored over and gloated over and how these very normal and much talked about bits are taken by Anuradha Roy and made into something very visual and very poignant is what this story is all about. The mundane and usual become something much more.

A very enjoyable read. Another book contribution by me for the South Asian Challenge 2011 conducted by S. Krishna.


  1. The cover is really bad. But I am glad the story is good and I do know that I should not judge a book by its cover..but I still do

  2. I am not familiar with this book. I have enjoyed the other books I"ve read that were set in India, have added this to my reading list. Thanks.

  3. That does sound like a timeless story for many religions.

  4. This seems like a must read -thanks very much for your excellent post