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Monday, June 27, 2011

My Mannar children - Non book blogging post once again

I was speaking to the nun in charge as I do often to check on progress, needs etc and she mentioned to me that two of our elder girls Revathy and Nishanthini are doing their Advanced Level examinations in August and she is very hopeful that they would be able to qualify for university. This is very good news and something that is huge. Mannar is a "difficult" area, the
school system is there, but neglected and for Advanced Level classes you have to travel 20 or 30 kms away for private tuition if you really want to get higher marks to qualify for University.

I am worried over English language skills as this is also a requirement for University so we will
have to think on what we can do to brush up their skills.

This is where my blog friends come in. Is there anyone out there who/or their children would be willing to write to these girls - we have children from the age of 21 to ten - all girls and one little boy of 4. Letters could be sent direct to the children and Sister will help out with translation. I feel the contact with the outside world is limited and it is very important for them to know that there is a big wide world out there. The children all have been very badly affected by decades long war and it is time for them to come out and to think that other people care about them as well.

The photographs I have posted are a couple of months old but it gives you a rough idea of the children we have.

Any takers?


  1. I will, gladly.. and my sons too - they are 10 and 11. Here is my email address:
    please send more details and we will happily write

  2. I would love too. Also, I teach in a primary school in the UK and will be teaching 9-10 year olds next year. I wonder if it would be possible for my students to write to your students? I would need more info and would have to check with my headteacher.

  3. No kids yet but I really like the idea :) I hope you get some answers

  4. My son is too young to write but I will gladly do it. You can let me know at
    I wish the girls every success.

  5. I would be happy to write a letter. I have a niece who would be interested in doing it as well. What a good idea!

  6. I need to write this down....maybe the young women would like to do this....will let you know.

  7. I will write - do you want print, cursive or typed? I will ask my 7 year old grandson to write a little letter too. We can scan and send to you unless you want them mailed. I can ask our church group too. What a nice way to help.

  8. Thanks for your response. Please write - Martha you can email me of course but if a child can write direct it would be very good. I will email you with details.