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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review - Within Arm's Reach - Ann Napolitano

I seem to be going along with my Irish trend with this book as well. Set amongst an Irish American family the story evolves around the emotions which would normally beset a large family.

Catherine the matriarch of the family seems to be the thread holding it together. Unfortunately brought up in an era of where it was considered distasteful and ugly to show your emotions, she is unable to show the love she feels for all of her family and her despair that everyone is growing further and further apart. Her grand daughter Gracie falling pregnant without the blessings of marriage seems to Catherine the only way out to bring this diverse family together.

The other strong character in the story is Kelly Catherine's eldest who is very conscious of her status, her position in life and the fact that she is doing better than all her other siblings. Add to the mix Lila Kelly's other daughter a pre med student who is so confused as to what she wants from her life and seems unable to decide.

A perfectly normal family - under currents running throughout its extended branches. Aunts jealous of nieces and nephews being either academically better or financially better, someone always wanting to be the boss and the best and others who cringe at the spotlight turning on them and husbands who do not know how to challenge strong, demanding women!

A very humane story - again one I can personally identify with. A good read.


  1. After listening to Venetia kelly's Traveling Show, I am ready for more Irish fiction....sounds like a good one.

  2. Not just this one Diane, look at my two reviews just before! An Irish Country Village was very nice as well!