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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Review of two books The Bishop goes to The University by Andrew m. Greeley and An Irish Country Village by Patrick Taylor

Review of Andrew M. Greeley - The Bishop goes to The University

(pls ignore the click here to buy below the image of this book. I havent a clue how to get rid of it!!!!)

This book was chosen by me mainly for its title. I know it sounds cheesy but I do like nice covers and now nice or rather different titles. It was only on further reading of the book that I discovered that Andrew M. Greeley is himself a Catholic priest and knows exactly what he is talking of.

The story of Bishop John Blackwood alias Blackie tries to solve the murder of a supposedly Russian bishop who has been murdered or rather head blasted away in a locked room. Add to this murder which takes place of course at The University several faculty members who seem a bit light headed and not quite there! As a Catholic reading this book I was not fazed by Greeley's writings of priests cussing, thinking about women and things which might confuse a non Catholic who may have different opinions on how Catholic priests should behave!!! This part was amusing. Greeley also questions whether Jesus should have not left the whole universe in charge of humans but should have taken it entirely on his shoulders and then the mess that we are in today would be not so insurmountable. Nice thought.

The book is amusing and tongue in the cheek humor. It also pokes fun gently at the Catholic church which is very refreshing. This was a first read of this author for me and I liked it.

Review of An Irish Country Village - Patrick Taylor

It was purely coincidence that I chose two books (on consecutive days) from my Carnegie library - both which involved a good dose of Catholicism. One of course an Americanized form in Andrew Greeley's book reviewed above and one an old fashioned dose set in idyllic Ireland.
The story revolves around two doctors O'Reilly and Laverty and the saga of having a medical practice in a quiet Irish village. Laverty starts off wrong footed with a medical diagnosis going wrong and the man eventually dying. Trying to correct his image to being a caring doctor is tough in a village where "outsiders" are viewed with suspicion and old prejudices die hard.
The book was a light read. Refreshingly simple, maybe too simple to be realistic but a pleasant one nevertheless. For someone not from Ireland or from Europe or the Western hemisphere it also gives one a different insight from the fast paced, modern society that is so often depicted as typical of Western society. Here we saw close knit communities and families, with extended families and community support, importance of kinsmen and clans so similar to Asian society! It was a different kind of read.
I enjoyed both books courtesy of Carnegie library.


  1. I've wanted to read some books by Greely, but for whatever reason I have not. Glad u enjoy his books.

  2. Diane - my knowledge of Ireland, and the Irish was much improved with these two books. Very informative!

  3. I love the Irish Country Village series - so charming!