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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Review - Gentleman's Relish by Patrick Gale

I have now discarded my TBR list as those books are not available at the library - I have decided to go with instinct now and pick up a couple of books - either the covers are nice (I know I sound cheesy but whats to be done), then I have faintly heard of the author before with some other book they have written etc etc or like this book I just liked the sound of the opening first story!

I picked up Patrick Gale mainly because it was a collection of short stories and I wanted something light to finish it today as well. The collection of stories cover the whole gamut of human emotions and passions and this is what made the book very readable. One could identify with characters at varying stages of the book - the passionless marriage of Jane wife of the Prison Governor, to Edith the nervous, timid spinster who is trying to write her book, to Hugo and Chris who are overtaken by powers stronger than them. All these characters are mundane and down to earth and very much part of who we encounter - the everyday things which sometimes lead to the totally unexpected.

The stories are poignant and touching. A very not put downable book.

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