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Monday, June 14, 2010

Review Informed Consent by Peter Turnbull

After picking up the book I realized that Peter Turnbull is a prolific writer though this is my first read for this author.

The story revolves around an unexpected murder of a middle aged, well dressed man on the streets of York not mugged, or robbed. The police are puzzled and going into the case they discover that a brother of Edwin Hoole died eighteen months previously, apparently of a stroke but the family think the death suspicious. A sister in law also died in the same period apparently a hit and run driver (never found) and though apparently unrelated further questioning and delving by the police discover that there are too many simple coincidences to let matters lie as they are.

It is an unexpected story - how a Company in this case 541, plots and plans to sell plans for equity - in this case purchasing property of individuals but allowing them to live in their property for a very minimal rent - and after a "reasonable" period of time, getting rid of them - hence the hit and run driver, the stroke victim etc and then moving in to sell the properties at enormous profit. Edwin Hoole was too nosy for his own good and that was why he had to be removed from the scene.

The story was a new twist on why people are murdered though as usual it invariably comes down to gain of some kind! It also looked at family and in this case it was an interesting one three brothers, their wives and ex wives as well and how the story evolved also through the anger and jealousy of an ex wife who felt that she was not compensated sufficiently through a divorce.

An interesting book.


  1. Oh wow! This does indeed sound like a really interesting book, and one with a very different plot than I am used to in this genre. I am glad you liked it and will have to look for it. It would probably make a really good read for me. Thanks for sharing this wonderful review. I'll be looking for this one!!

  2. I love books like this! It reminds me a bit of a CSI Miami I saw recently. I'm sure it was a rerun since I see maybe 2 episodes a year of this show :) Maybe they got the idea from the book!