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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Review - Our Spoons came from Woolworths by Barbara Comyns

I came across this book whilst looking for The Vet's Daughter which had been reviewed by Stuck in a Book. Very often I do get other books by the same author but never the book that is being reviewed. Its a bit frustrating but when one is limited in what one gets to hand, I generally take it and read it and am altogether happy (most of the time).

The writing is simple and straight forward. For me too simplistic and too naive to be absolutely believable! The book deals with a 20 year old in the 1930's who marries in haste and follows the repent at leisure part of the story. I guess for the 1930's and for the period which it depicts the story is plausible - how women were supposed to behave and finally how they did fall in line and give in to the idea that your husband was the sole authority of your life.

The book written in the first person depicts Sophia's life and career as a painters model and a sculptor of sorts speaks of her life as a wife, and a mother (the childbirth experience was horrific) but descriptive of the period and her ultimate escape from marriage. You do want Sophia to experience happiness and have a happily ever after ending after her sad beginning - the unwanted children, the forced abortion, the death of her second child and the inability of her husband to understand her feelings - Fortunately it does end happily for Sophia.

I was not enamoured by this book but it was a pleasant short read of just 260 pages. I will still be looking out for The Vet's Daughter.


  1. I do enjoy reading about that time period, but I'm not sure I'd enjoy this since it's written so simplistically. You have to admit it's got a great title, though.

  2. Apart from the author the title also drew me in!

  3. I would like to sit down and read a book soon....finding the time is another thing.

  4. This one does sound fascinating, esp if it has been very true to the time period in which it was set. The writing will surely turn me down though. Isn't it great when we go looking for one book, but instead pick something else.

  5. Aths - I am always looking for one book by an author (generally one with very good reviews and everyone is talking about it) and end up with a not so well known one by the same author - but these seem to work well for me so,,,

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  7. Hi Mystica - thanks for stopping by my blog recently!

    I love the title of this book! I think that alone would probably talk me into giving it a go. Sounds like it was a bit of a mix though.