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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chilly Melbourne still

Had a change of plans and am still in Melbourne - was scheduled to leave
yesterday and now will be leaving on 6th July.

This means of course more books and reading will get done and I do not need to be as frantic as before to get through as many on the TBR list as before. However, this list never seems to get less as I keep adding recommendations as I go along. I also dont seem to be able to pass books I
sort of just pick up as I go - nothing to do with lists and pre planned reading! The unplanned reading has turned out to be very good and I have had several books which I could not put down and finished in one go.

Just finished a Sharon Latham book of the post Pride and Prejudice sequel type. I never thought I'd get to read one of those since the library did not have any, and did not propose to get them either. That was a pleasant surprise to find - I finished the three Muriel Sparks books the last one being Aiding and Abetting - I am glad that I read them as so many bloggers had recommended them highly but sadly none of them did anything for me.

I have a good choice this week as well - and will come back with reviews once they are done.

Getting colder by the day here in Melbourne.


  1. Enjoy your time down under! I hope you brought some warm clothes.

  2. I hope you have a good time however long you stay in melbourne and read and blog lots for us! :-)

  3. stay warm [with a nice cup of hot cocoa and a good read]!! :)