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Monday, November 19, 2018

The Bloomsbury Affair by Anita Davison

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1905 London was a tough place for women. There was disdain for any woman getting into the professions and the suffrage movement had started. Most men wanted women kept strictly for home and hearth.

Flora and Bunny were a different kind of couple. Fortunately. Flora was a modern young woman who had come out of a complicated family drama where she found a long lost family of both her father and mother and lost the much loved father she ever knew.  Flora and Bunny have previously solved two murder both baffling to the police but the Inspector in charge is wary of them and what he calls their amateur sleuthing.

Now the family is facing the scandal of their cousin the young, arrogant Viscount Trent being embroiled in a murder where he is the only possible suspect. Getting him out of this mess is Flora's work ably assisted by her husband Bunny. A seemingly innocuous young man found murdered in a railway carriage whilst the Viscount lay sleeping by him seems very difficult to believe. Unraveling the mystery was the story.

Set in a London which was picturesque and very interesting to read about, the writer takes us on a journey through both the rich and famous and how they live, to the political tensions simmering underneath at the unfairness of it all.

This was a very absorbing read.

Sent to me by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Aria.


  1. I like historical mysteries so I'll look for this title.

  2. You've got my interest !
    HapPy reading and thanks for posting <3