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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

All That's Left Of Me by Janis Thomas

This was very twisty! there is no way I can describe the way the book went. You had to be very clever to pull this off and Janis Thomas does it very well. I wouldn't want to read many books like this as it does havoc with your mind!

Emma Davis is dissatisfied. With her marriage, with her job and generally with everything. She also does not know and hasn't the courage to start anew with a new job or even to admonish Colin her husband who seems so laid back that anyone would give him a kick in the pants.

Into this scenario we have Emma wishing the way we all do. That something could happen differently, or that a person could change, or just disappear and one by one these things happen. Emma has a son with severe cerebral palsy and I did wonder very early in the book why wouldnt she wish for her son to be well rather than just wishing this one away, or that situation to go away. Once granted it cannot be undone and this becomes Emma's downward spiral once she wishes her son whole and healthy again.

The entire book tests your powers of credibility. Time travel was one genre which took some getting used to, this is entirely different. It is like a separate parallel universe running in different mode, so what happens to the mode that existed before. Just not the individual but everyone in that universe changes to fit the new scenario. It was difficult to digest, but very easy for me to read.

Sent to me by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Lake Union Publishing.


  1. I'm not sure about the parallel universe element but I'd give this a try since you liked it so much.

  2. I enjoyed your review and although I love twisty and guessing, somehow I think this might be too much for me.

  3. Hmm it obviously kept your interest. But I am perhaps a little too black and white for a book like this! Seems a little like The Time Traveller's Wife in structure.

  4. That's a very interesting premise and I like books like that that look at alternate possibilities, but you're right- they can also be mindbenders ha ha! Glad this one was good!