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Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Hot Year by Anne Piper

The Hot Year

The story moves between light hearted London despite it being war years, to Delhi and then to Rangoon.

Lucy wants change and she signs up for it.  However this story which could have been a good account of Lucy's life turns out to be rather lack lustre. A girl of this time moving from London to Delhi should have been more full of color and boldness than what it was. I could not find the reason for her love story either. Both Miles who eventually became her husband and then there was her cousin Steve. 

Lucy is a free courageous spirit but the story did not do her justice. She lived and worked with a group of girls who could have and may have contributed more to the war effort but it was not described well in this book.

I expected more descriptions of the work that Lucy would have done in Delhi and Rangoon and in this I was disappointed.

Sent to me by  Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Endeavour Press.


  1. It's sad when a book is less than what we expected or wanted. Sorry it was a miss for you.

  2. This does sound disappointing - a premise that could have been great!