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Friday, February 23, 2018

I See You by Clare Mackintosh

I See You

Like lots of us Zoe Walker had a routine. Walk a certain route, stand at a particular spot at the train station to get into a particular compartment as this was she felt the optimum position for her. Like all of us it was now in her subconsciousness. Little did she know that she was being watched, till one day idly picking up a discarded paper, her own face stares up at her from a classified advert. Almost an escort service, except for the fact that Zoe was no pin up babe, just an ordinary mid 40s lady intent on looking after her two almost adult children, get out of a marriage and solidify the relationship she has just embarked on.

Going to the police with such a weak story was laughable, the photograph was grainy, was old and did not look very much like Zoe. Discovering that many women unknown to them were featured on these adverts and with the murder of one of them, made the police sit up and take notice. Was there a link by such widely different women. The only thing that linked them all was that they used the underground railway. Could such a tenuous link be a key in solving murders, opening up a can of worms of the magnitude that the London investigators had not envisaged.

Identity theft, cyber crime, money laundering and eventually murder were all on offer. Trying to track down the mastermind behind the operation was almost impossible. With names popping up from the Channel Islands to China, from Russia to London itself it kept winding and winding upon itself until Zoe herself walked into the most improbable scenario with unexpected and scary effect.

Going alongside the story was the life of Kelly, the Police Sergeant and her life and then there was Zoe trying to balance it all and protect at the same time her loved ones. How even the simplest scenario can be misinterpreted very badly is shown up in the story over and over again. We think we have got to the end and the mystery is solved but it is never solved. Even after someone lies dead and bleeding.

A thriller with detailed police procedures for those of you who like it. I did.

Another good choice from Melbourne's Glen Waverley library. Sadly the holiday is almost at an end and there goes my huge choice of reading material!


  1. Sounds really good and sorry to hear you will be leaving Melbourne soon and that wonderfully stocked library.

  2. You do write the best reviews - hoping there will be many more books available even when you get home.
    Your vacation sounded wonderful - I'm sure you and the family had enjoyable days together.
    Safe travel homeward to beautiful Sri Lanka.
    Mary -

  3. I have been wanting to give this author a try. Soon may be even! I have been in the mood for intense thrillers as of late.

    I hope you had a nice holiday!

  4. This sounds really good. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.