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Friday, June 7, 2013


Henry is Denise's ex husband. Thalia is Denise's daughter but not Henry's. When Denise married Henry, he legally adopted Thalia but at the time of the divorce Denise forcibly and very acrimoniously swept Thalia away which was heartbreak for Henry who loved his daughter dearly.

Wind down twenty odd years and in a chance encounter Henry has the perfect opportunity to get Thalia back into his life and into his house (adjoining maisonette). Henry is blissful with the arrangements, so is Thalia as Henry is the most uninterfering father imaginable. Paternal worries but not overbearing. Kindness and generosity personified.

At 29 Thalia is still not settled either personal life wise or career wise. Without giving too much away Thalia embarks on a career which is fraught with frolic, misunderstandings and mayhem with Henry standing guard (also in a legal capacity as lawyer) and father so Thalia always has someone at her back.

The book is full of strong characters - Henry and Todd both gay, Denise the ex wife scatty and at the same time very focussed, Thalia the fun loving daughter, Lillian the Jewish mother who knows it all and is just waiting for Todd's announcement about his being gay! and is about relationships. Specifically a beautiful father-daughter one which is enviable.

A lovely fun read!


  1. How sad when a father loses a daughter because of divorce.

  2. Sounds like a movie begging to be made :-)

  3. I agree with Mary, this does sound like it would be a great book to adapt into a movie.

  4. I think I've read Eleanor Lipman before. Can't remember what or where. But this particular book sounds like something I'd enjoy reading.

    Thanks for letting me know about it.