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Monday, June 24, 2013


Historical fiction at its very best.

The horrible influence of Nazi Germany sweeping through Europe also touches the Sudetenland in Czechslovakia. The area has been handed over to Germany and the Jews in this area are doomed. Being secular and patriotic is not going to help you as in the case of the Bauer's despite all the good you do. Owner of  a factory and providing employment to many and not a conservative Jew does not help him. Despite the entreaties of his wife to secretly arrange visas for them to go somewhere safe, he believes that being such a secular Jew is going to help him.  At this stage no one wants to befriend or even show that they know a Jew and it is only Marta their governess who shows absolute faith and loyalty by working for them. Her love for the little boy Pepik is abundant and she is determined to protect him at any cost. Realising very late that things are going from bad to worse, he arranges to send his only child to England to be brought up by a family there. He believes the arrangement is purely temporary. not realising that this is the last he will see of his son.

A story of love and betrayal, of family and friendship and the quirk of coincidence which weaves a tale of sadness, loss and the overwhelming influence of Nazi Germany on the lives of not just those who lived in the era but also of generations to come. 

Another read from me for the Historical Challenge 2013.


  1. I read this one but it had a different cover. I liked that it had a different perspective than a lot of the other books set during Nazi occupation.

  2. I am pushing this title to the top 10 to read Mystica! Thanks for a great review,

  3. This sounds like a sad but important story.

  4. There are so many good books of this era/genre - I'll put it on my list since you liked it so much.

  5. I'm glad to see you "enjoyed" this one, too. I thought it was very well done.

  6. I also thought this book was very good.