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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review - Agatha Christie - Appointment with Death

I often go back to Agatha Christie (same with Jane Austen) when I want a comfort read. I know murder and generally very convoluted murders shouldn't be a comfort read but its strange but it works!

This book set in Jerusalem initially and then moving into Petra involves the Boynton family with an evil, malignant matriarch at its head. Add to it Sarah King a newly fledged doctor, several other characters and Poirot who just "happens" to be around. Murder seems to follow Poirot like a magnet almost.

The strange thing in this story is that everyone feels that the old lady - Mrs. Boynton must die. That it is absolutely no loss to anyone if she pops off and this is a different feature of the Poirot series.

As usual it is always the unexpected that will happen and the murderer is someone whom you would not point the finger at initially. I wonder whether anyone has truthfully been able to solve the murders in Agatha Christie before the end?

A light read of just 252 pages. For fans of murder mysteries and Agatha Christie a must read.


  1. Can you believe I have never read an Agatha Christie, the reviews always intrigue me though.

    You are right it seems no one can ever figure out the killer, lol

  2. I so agree on the Agatha,Although I haven' read one in a while. Will have to add to the Christmas reading list, are you a Miss Marple lover or Hercule Poirot fan? cheers Katherine

  3. I love Agatha Christie!

  4. I have only read one Agatha Christie novel, it was in my elementary school days when I still liked mysteries :)

  5. Katherine and Kristen - I am definitely the Miss. Marple supporter here!

    I know everyone seems to have read AC when they were in their teens but you should go back to it when you are older. Somehow the perspective has changed!