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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review - A family daughter by Maile Meloy

I chose this book mainly because of its cover and the title! I also hadn't read about it on the blogs and this interested me. I sometimes like to go off and pick books up which I have never heard about.

Again a family story - and how it evolves from Yvette and Teddy to Margot, Clarissa, and Jamie and subsequently to their children and the characters revolving in everyone's lives.

The attachment of children to a particular parent - where the other parent feels totally alienated is also seen in this book very visibly. Its a common enough occurence but one which I have not found so obviously written about before. It makes one think very specifically that as a parent you shouldn't favor one child in particular. The damage it could do to the other people is immense.

Meloy keeps introducing characters into the story - though they are on the periphery of it as it were, they are key elements to the story as well so that finally they are not minor characters but form the crux of the story. This was an unusual feature of this book.

An interesting, light read of just 325 pages. 3 out of 5 for me.


  1. The title got my attention to but seems a little light for my likings.

    It is nice to pickup reads that are not in the blogosphere or at least not hype books.

  2. Have you read Meloy's first book, Liars and Saints? It's about the same family but tells a completely different story.