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Friday, November 19, 2010

Review - More than Love Letters by Rosy Thornton

I read about Rosy Thornton on a blog (not this particular book though). As usual my reading is sometimes determined by what is available at the Carnegie library in Melbourne and this sort of popped out.

I loved the book. A description of the book says it is about life, love and the lost art of letter writing. Add to that descriptive emails!

It opens with letters and emails which would make anyone smile and smile and smile. Margaret is a key character of the book and it revolves around her. Margaret in her early twenties despite the oldish sounding name is a inveterate do gooder. She writes to the Council, to the papers and to her MP about each and every subject which she feels strongly about and though at the beginning of this book I thought it was a light read, it does tend to go into a very strong pro feminist stance as well.
It made for a very interesting read.

There are innumerable subjects covered in this book - political satire for one, the position of illegal immigrants in Britain, the sadness of the depressed and the abused, and over riding it all the optimism of the young and a story of romance which ends well.

A book which I would say is slightly old fashioned, very readable and thoroughly enjoyable.

A book of 276 pages in a very easy to read font! I find that this is also an important point for me now. Signs of old age creeping up fast I think.


  1. :-) Sounds like the perfect book for me! Thanks for telling us about it. I'll add it to my list.

  2. This sounds delightful! Rosy Thornton seems to be a great favourite with many bloggers. I received a copy of her most recent novel but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. I'll need to remedy that soon!

  3. Sounds like a good one.

    I also like the text that is easy on the eyes, lol, sign of age :-0

  4. Aww lovely! i read a Thornton this fall and liked it, it was just sweet

  5. I adore Rosy Thornton. I've read two of her books (not this one) and loved both of them, and ordered this and another to read hopefully in the upcoming year. She's fast becoming one of my favorite modern authors.

  6. Heads up. You made it on Rosy's facebook page!

  7. I think I'm going to have to add this one to my to-read list! I like the sentimental, old fashioned types of books that bring in real issues as well!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries