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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Book Review - Trespass by Rose Tremain

A family drama set in southern France with actually two different families and how life mysteriously entwines people. All the characters are well into their sixties
and so how they look at life and the diminishing of their expectations as they realize that their time is limited.

Into a closed conservative world of Cevennes comes a rather arrogant man who thinks he can sweep in and sweep out with a purchase of a "second home". As it is there is antagonism against the rich who buy all the properties of the region depriving the local young of an opportunity of owning a home. Add to this deep family secrets in both the buyer and seller's families and you get a drama dealt with beautifully, keeping you in a bit of suspence wanting to read more. Add to the mix chequered parents on both sides and you have another twist to the story.

Descriptive in detail not just of people but of the region as well is one thing I love when I read. Not having had an opportunity of travelling through Europe other than just two countries and certainly not for the last ten years, I enjoy reading about the nature of places that are part of the story. This story the village and surrounding area is definitely a big part of the book.

Just 253 pages long I finished the book very fast. My time in Melbourne is due to end soon and with that my glorious reading spell as well. I love the library here and am I think a permanent fixture for the time I am here. However, I am looking forward to going back to Sri Lanka - its been a long time away from home.

Apart from my own children, the children of the orphanage also celebrate Christmas and I have 35 gift packs to get ready - the Mannar orphanage also needs more help during the season and there are 15 girls there as well. I have been picking bits and pieces here from the op shops (which have gorgeous stuff) so its going to be an overweight baggage trip home again.


  1. How sad, I miss the library I visited this summer too, it was wonderful

  2. I am happy that u enjoyed this book as well as as your trip. How very generous of you to supply the baskets for the orphanage.

  3. This book sounds like one I'd enjoy, will look out for it at the library.

    I love op shopping, I'm sure your lovely gifts will make the orphanage children's festive season a lot brighter :)