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Saturday, December 10, 2022

The Village Vicar by Julie Houston

The story of three united sisters living in the small Yorkshire village they grew up in. A slightly Bohemian family in one way, and a traditional family in some aspects. The three sisters have very different professional lives. One is a dentist, married with two children running a flourishing practice, the other is a youth counsellor dealing with troubled kids and the other is tge vicar returning to the same church where her disliked grandfather was vicar. She forms the main part of this story. The lives of the three sisters is complicated. The married one is bored, looks for excitement and finds it in the new hire in the clinic. Unfortunately for her, his interests lie elsewhere. The next is involved with a married man, swears to the sisters that she broke it off/going to and doesnt until full drama in the form of his wife turning up at church and creating a scene that was so dramatic, it was pure theatre and then we have the vicar returning after a bout of cancer, on top of a devastating love affair to find that her ex lover has also moved back home. The drama in their lives spill over but the strong bond of sisterhood overcomes any other problems they face. A interesting take on sisters, motherhood and vicars(my knowledge of vicars is zero) sent by Atria and Aries for an unbiased review courtesy of Netgalley

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  1. The sister relationship is one of the most interesting of human relationships, in my opinion. It's always a good starting point for drama.