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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Murder at the Seven Dials by Cara Devlin

Happy New Year all. Now onto my first review for 2023. This was a treat covering several genres. When the aristocracy are involved, it never bodes well for Bow Street and for the detectives involved. With some agile maneuvreing the high and mighty close ranks not even bothering to be interviewed despite all signs pointing to tgem being perpetrators of the crime. In this story, we find the Duke of Fourniers covered in blood, cowering, speechless in the room ofa brutally murdered opera singer. He does not give any explanation for his presence or offer any for his defence. Hugh Marsden the officer in charge arrests him, keeping him in a room in a tavern rather than carting him offto jail. The Duchess so far has been a young woman of a retiring nature. In this case she knows that her husband is innocent. It is a secret that cannot be disclosed as it will cut the entire family away from their circles, apart from bringing revulsion amongst most people of their time. The Duke apart from taking opium, is a confirmed homosexual whose relationships have upto now been a very closed secret one his wife is aware of. She has a secret of her own, one which put her in an asylum for two years. Audrey has the ability to see events from inanimate objects and for this ability, she has suffered greatly. Despite her aversion to the officer, and her inability to know very much about the demi monde, she begins her own investigation using whatever objects she can pilfer from the scene of the crime. Unraveling the story Hugh and Audrey find out who the murderers actually are, going against the society they are a part of and bring about justice not just for Philip but for the two victims as well. Sent by BooksGoSocial for an unbiased review, courtesy of Netgalley.

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