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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Murder in the Basement by Anthony Berkley

One of a series in a kind of classic crime type of read. A young recently married couple move joyously into their first home. They did not expect to find a body in their basement neatly cemented over. Chief Inspector Moresby and Roger Sherringham are given the job of finding the woman, and how she got to be buried in this basement Unravelling clues after six years is going to be difficult. Missing Persons does not give any clues at all to fit the description of a young woman, a couple of months pregnant. Painstakingly going one step at a time, tracing possible leads the story of a hard young woman emerges. Sherringham is totally convinced who the murderer is, but how to get the conviction to stick. The murderer is slick, clever and very confident. the way it finally ends is a surprise. A bit unexpected but a nice one at that. Very descriptive, good characterization in this story. Sent by Poisoned Pen Press for an unbiased review, courtesy


  1. Your review has made me curious about this one. I think I need to add it to my list.

  2. I love cold case mysteries. This sounds fun!

  3. I would not want to discover a body buried in my basement! I think I'd have to move if that happened. ;D