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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Pride & All This Prejudice by Alex A. King

Retelling of the famed P&P tales are intriguing. This one had another variation. Set in Greece it added elements of fury and anger, which added to the intensity of the romances. The five daughters all present and accounted for go about their lives and the men they fall in love with appear and disappear, albeit temporarily. The parents of the girls however vary from the norm. Mama is a virago breathing hellfire over all including the milder father. she is a major character in this retelling. It was also interesting to have descriptive tidbits of Piraeus, Meriton with a Greek twist and Meraga which was the equivalent of Pemberley. This was a download from Amazon.


  1. The Greek twist to this Pride and Prejudice retelling sounds good, Mystica.

  2. I do enjoy retellings of Pride & Prejudice! :D