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Friday, July 8, 2022

The Venetian Venture by Suzette A Hill

The time is 1954. Rosie Gilchrist works for a doddering Dr Stanley at the British Museum who has tasked her with finding a valuable book In Venice. Her boss has sent her on this wild goose chase with hardly any clues, no introductions as to where she could start and the only clue he gave was dubious. Rosie is simple and accepts people for what they are. In Venice she meets many people who surprise surprise are on the same venture - looking for the same book. Some are quite ruthles especially when it later transpires that there is a massive reward for someone finding this book with the curious addition of a Murano vase! both items have to be found and presented together to claim the prize. Rosie herself just wants to find the book and take it to the British Museum. Seems very simplistic in her needs. The characters are varied and strange and when the murder count builds up, it is obvious that the searchers mean business and no one should get in the way. The setting of Venice and the fact that it was quite descriptive added interest. As a cozy it was rather tame. Another book I picked up from the local Glen Waverley library.

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