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Saturday, July 2, 2022

City of Friends by Joanne Trollope

Four women in their forties, been friends for decades supportive of each other now find themselves at a cross roads. Each of them have faced obstacles in their careers, have overcome those and reached levels which are satisfying to all. Now each one is faced with personal obstacles which they must try to deal with, if they are going to have a future to live with happily. A few of the obstacles involve people from each other's families and this is where the questioning has to start. Does one sacrifice a friendship of decades for what could be a temporary dissent. Does one build bridges and discount minor quips. What is best for the greater good. I like the different aspects of each woman's life, the problems they individually face and how they try to circumvent and overcome them. As usual very good reading. A book I picked up from Glen Waverley library.