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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Punishment she deserves by Elizabeth George

Like most of Elizabeth George's mystery murders the story starts slowly and then you begin to realize that the basis has been laid for what looks like a straight forward piece of detection but is anything but simple. When Detective Ardery and Sergeant Havers are called to follow a procedural mistake for someone who committed suicide in custody it seems an open and shut case. Havers is naturally a good detective and she finds anomalies in the local cops detection immediately. On top of it all Ardery cannot stand her, and is hoping with the connivance of the Chief Superintendent to tie Havers in knots and make it as difficult as possible so that she can rebel and then be transferred out of station or preferably sacked. They did not count on Havers tenacity and the loyalty Detective Lynley had for someone whom he counts on. This starts another investigation and the whole story starts unravelling - including teenagers unwittingly involved in an officers sexual antics protected by another senior officer in the local constabulary, families with complicated histories battling issues with their children, people all covering up for another some thinking that they are doing it for the good of a family or a friend but really not helping out at all. The setting of Ludlow where the entire story is set is described in detail. One gets an idea of how the entire area operates not just the town itself but all the surrounding areas and how they are all linked. This adds so much more interest to a story especially to people who are absolute outsiders to the United Kingdom. The story is detailed and convoluted but so painstakingly put together. The only trouble I had is that it was a chunkster and I found it so difficult to read in bed. Another excellent book from Glen Waverley library.


  1. Chunksters can be challenging for many reasons! ;D

  2. It sounds like an excellent story. There's such art in putting together a story like that.

  3. Oh I love this series Mystica! It's one of the few series I would read. I own quite a few hardbacks. Glad to hear you can get them through the library.