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Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Paris Children by Gloria Goldreich

WWI and WWII have given us such a lot of literature from both sides of the Wars and from every angle possible. This is another very good read dealing with the Resistance in France and with a particular emphasis on the Jews in France, trying desperately to look after not just their own French Jews but also lending a hand to those flooding into France seeking refuge before going on to safer shores. Madeline and Claude are young people caught up in the violence and trying their very best to help their fellow men just escape. Madeline has been put in charge of saving children and this is fraught with danger and there is such a lot of emotion involved. The children know that they have lost their parents forever, taken before them brutally and their only hope is to escape. It is a sad story repeated over and over again in stories and each story is never boring, never repetitious as each child or adult facing the Nazis is unique. I am so glad I got to know Madeline Levy through this book though I was sad that her ending was brutal. The grand daughter of Alfred Dreyfus a hero of WWI she and her family were earmarked by the Nazis very early on and their hopes for survival was poor. For those who like history this is a must read. Sent by Sourcebooks Landmark courtesy of Netgalley, for an unbiased review.


  1. I love history and try and read as much as I can. I have read about the French resistance and the partisans during WWII in spy fiction. I think it's time to pay a visit to NetGalley.

  2. This sounds heartbreaking and so good! This sounds like something I would like to read.