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Friday, October 23, 2020

Nightshade by M I Huie

Livy and Margot became close when they were working in the closed atmosphere of espionage during WWII. Livy did not make friends easily but Margot was special. When Margot disappeared it was presumed she had died in one of the internment camps under Nazi Germany. Suddenly years after the war is over her call sign so very distinct to a good signalsman is received loud and clear indicating she is very much alive. When this is followed days later with a SOS British Intelligence knows they have to do something to get her out. Livy is more than willing to be a pawn in the espionage game, especially since her opening to the Berlin scene would be her former lover Soviet spy Kostin. What unfolds is that things certainly never go to plan and Livy makes the sacrifice to save her friend. This was good writing - into the world of espionage, but also about friendship and survival. Another excellent read about WWII and aspects that we may as civilians not know anything about. Sentby Crooked Lane books courtesy of Netgalley.