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Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Girl at the Border by Leslie Archer

Richard Matthis is a renowned archaelogist and he has discovered Etruscan remains on the island of Crete. Angela Harris is working for him very happy in her job. She is also escaping from her past and feels safe in Crete, thinking that no one would link her to this remote site.

When Bella, Richard's daughter goes missing Matthis drops everything and flies back home to help in the search. Four days later he dies in a strange accident. The relationship between Richard Matthis and his daughter has been tense and Angela over a very short period of time, pretended to be Richard and started a message conversation with Bella, hoping to make the relationship between father and daughter a warmer one.

With Richard's death, Angela has a compulsion to return to the scene of Richard's death and find Bella on her own. She has a feeling Bella needs her, and compromises her own safety because there are people out there who want Angela found.

A rather convoluted tale, including ISIS, a spy network amongst other things it was rather fragmented when all the other stories got in the way.  My personal view was that there were too many strands to connect and this led to a lot of confusion. I also felt the cover was awful.

The book was sent to me by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Lake Union Publishing.


  1. Sorry that this one wasn't the very best but, I guess they can't all be perfect.

  2. The title made me think this might be a relevant book but it sounds like it has too much going on and I'll be safe to skip it.

  3. Sorry you didn't like it much, I think I'll pass on it.

  4. This does sound a bit convoluted. I'm sorry it wasn't better for you.

  5. I actually like the cover, even though it seems to have little to do with the book. It's a shame the story wasn't very good.