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Saturday, January 12, 2019

A Blunt Instrument by Georgette Heyer

Reminiscent of an Agatha Christie mystery, we have a perfect well liked gentleman found bludgeoned to death. As is usual, however we also find on further probing the gentleman was not such a perfect one after all.

Ernest Fletcher was a light hearted ladies man. When he was found murdered at his desk in his own house the investigation reveals that the root cause for the murder has to be linked to a woman. There was also a very small time frame, just a few minutes before he was murdered and his body discovered by the local bobby actually whilst on his rounds.

Conflicting reports of all those involved in the crime throw up nothing because each person sticks to their original stories and their alibis all seem to be holding up very well.

Like all good classic crime novels, this one was hard to catch. It caught me unawares.

I've liked Georgette Heyer for her regency romances and now I like her for her crime novels as well.

Sent to me by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Sourcebook Landmark.


  1. I've never read this author but I love Christie so I may give this a try.

  2. I'm not much for romance novels but this mystery sounds good.

  3. Mystica, I have never read Georgette Heyer but I have heard and read such good things about her writing, it's a shame I still haven't read any of her books. I'm told her books are humourous too.

  4. I really must try one of Georgette Heyer's novels!

  5. I've never read one of her mysteries. I should pick this one up, it sounds like one I'd definitely enjoy.