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Sunday, January 8, 2017

With love from the inside by Angela Pisel

A book about the relationship between a mother and daughter. Sad, emotional and very poignant it brings about some home truths about how much stress a relationship can take before one or the other steps away from it. Whether you can mend it or not, depends on the people involved and how far they are willing to go to try to repair damages.

Grace is on death row for the murder of her little baby son. The family disintegrated once she was accused and though Sophie her daughter did try, she found it very hard going. As a teenager it was difficult to live without a mother and when her father died as well, Sophie was left alone to cope as best as she could. Growing up, getting married to a surgeon who loved her and understood her was fine but her earlier life was a book she did not want anyone reading about. It was a secret that she had to live with.

A chance letter from her mother's attorney opened the wounds once more and Sophie had to decide whether she wanted to visit the mother she had not seen in years. Grace's execution date was growing closer and Ben her attorney was one of the few people who was clearly convinced of her innocence.
Delving further into the case it was obvious that Grace's defense had done a very poor job of her case and it was sad that despite the evidence unearthed, that it proved of no help to Grace herself.

Reconciliation and a chance to meet her daughter was enough for Grace at this point and though it was very sad, it brought closure to Sophie and also brought the couple of Sophie and Thomas much closer together than before.

Sensitively told especially for a debut novel.

Sent to me by Netgalley for an unbiased review courtesy of Penguin Group Putnam


  1. Sounds like a very emotional book. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I listened to this book and thought it was well done too!

  3. I really liked this debut book too. Would be a great book club choice.

  4. Wow! This sounds like a difficult topic for a book. I could also see it being a good book club choice as well!