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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Proposal To Die For by Vivian Conroy

I fell in love with the cover as I am a sucker for nice covers! the story however was slightly different from my expectations. I expected my heroine to be more forthcoming, more modern for want of a better word but she was every bit of a retiring maiden trying to conform to social expectations of the time but fortunately with a bit of spunk.

Lady Alkmene comes from an unusual background. Her father is a famous botanist and is always off in search of new plants. He does not take his daughter with him and so Alkmene has a certain degree of independence, not common amongst ladies of her kind. She is also of an enquiring mind and this has led her to many scrapes and this is the latest episode.

Overhearing a marriage proposal and subsequently linking it to a murder of a prominent, rich man, the man's death seems suspicious and she along with Dubois a journalist with a mysterious background try to find out who and what is behind the murder. Uncovering the murderer step by step is no easy task in the 1920s and we are given a very descriptive way this is done.

The book was sent to me by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Carina Books.


  1. Sounds interesting - it's not a book I've come across before.

  2. I love the cover too and the book sounds good as well.

  3. Hi Mystica -
    Looks like you've had some good reading and several attractive covers. This one drew me in and it sounds good too.
    Glad you are getting good reads through NetGalley. :-)
    Happy Reading!