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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Two short reviews. Regency Romances. Each different.

This was a setting which was a bit different. We have a feisty heroine which is very good and we have a a rather complicated story ahead.

Caroline Malcolm has just discovered that the man she has lived throughout her life with is not her father. Her quiet, unassuming mother had a relationship of some sort and has left virtually no clues behind of where the search should start.

Lord Moriston is drawn into this rather entangled web which is fraught with danger as very few people know of the story and the few who do know do not want it uncovered.

A twist on the normal Regency romance.

Sent to me by Netgalley courtesy of Endeavour Press.

An Inconvenient Ward (Inconvenient Trilogy, #1)

Another great story. Lord Michael is dashing and very eligible. He however harbours a secret that cannot be told. He feels that there is madness in his family and this makes him sure that marriage is out of the question for him.

Having never fallen in love before this has not proven to be a problem but the appearance of the charming Miss Rufford and he having to be her guardian, despite her definitely not needing one (being an independent young miss) puts the cat amongst the pigeons!

These two books were just what I needed as I felt that I had been reading really "heavy emotional" tomes before.

Light hearted and you knew you were going to have a happy ending. This was a recommendation from a fellow book blogger and a free download from Amazon.


  1. Making note of both title. I agree, nothing like a historical romance to lighten your mood. I enjoy them!

  2. Sometimes its just relaxing to read a bit of romantic escapism, especially an historical one.I often re-read Jane Austen novels and Georgette Heyer! I'll look this one up on Amazon to download, thanks for sharing the recommendation Mystica!

  3. These sound like they would both make a good, easy and sweet break. Thanks for sharing.