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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Across the Common Elizabeth Berridge

Louise has left her husband of twelve years and returned to the family home at The Hollies. Her three aunts are older than ever, more eccentric than ever and each determined to keep the family honor despite hard times.  Louise lost her parents as a young child and her memories of them are hazy. An unexpected letter from her late father through his lawyers was a bolt from the blue - and apart from the very pleasant legacy of some money, his last note to her leaves behind remains of a mystery which she wants to solve.

Solving the mystery is going to be tougher than she thinks as the Aunts are determined to keep the past in the past and are perturbed at Louise's investigations. She feels however that she owes it to her father to discover the secrets in the family and put it to rest.

More of a coming of age story Louise has to decide her priorities, take charge of her life and decide which path she will take.

Sensitively told this was a book sent to me by Netgalley, courtesy of Endeavour Press for an unbiased review.