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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Last Will of Moira Leahy by Therese Walsh

The Last Will of Moira Leahy

The book is complicated but holds your interest throughout. Told in the first person by Maeve and is in present times. The part that is told in the second person is by Maeve's twin Moira and from the period 1995 to 2000.  When one realizes that Maeve lost her twin at an early age, one also then understands the family complications, and the very tense situation that exists between the mother, the father and Maeve.

Maeve comes across as being a much older woman. I initially thought she was in her late 30s because she behaves likes one! Her relationship with Noel was a fragile one and she was more than anything else frightened to confront her feelings for him and act on it. Noel was an integral part of the story and comes into play when Maeve discovers a childhood relic and pursues a seemingly random chase across Europe following anonymous notes on the mysterious abilities of a keris knife.

Moira and Maeve were twins with their own language, a sense of what each was doing, their feelings were something that they could steadily block so that the other twin could not read her. Their childhood was idyllic till they both fell in love with the same boy and then the blocking became worse as one closed the other off, which led to a deterioration in their very life.

The stories of Moira and Maeve were one part of the story and the discovery of the keris and the pursuit of the keris and in the midst of it all, the maturing of the relationship between Noel and Maeve was the other.

Put together the stories of sisterly love, mystery/paranormal, magic, Eastern mystery and all overlaid with romantic love made for a very good story though one tended to get side tracked at various times as one story overtook the other in importance.

This was a book which was a free download from Amazon! I was really lucky to get this one.