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Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Cherry Harvest by Lucy Sanna

The Cherry Harvest

The setting is idyllic. Wisconsin- the area famous for its cherries, shipped throughout the state and this part of the county also a tourist attraction with its myriad orchards.

A close knit family-  Charlotte mother and ready to steer and protect the family, Father quiet, unassuming, Ben their son and Kate daughter.  The family like many in Door County is facing a manpower shortage. The young men have all enlisted and there is no one to work the fields.

Taking an initiative from another state, the County decides, with much opposition to employ POW - German prisoners under armed guard to work their fields. The story actually starts from there - and whilst work goes smoothly, under currents run deep.

How antagonism changes to much stronger feelings, how family secrets are kept hidden, how families divide over hidden agendas and finally the story of survival despite all odds.

The POW working in the States was news for me but then my knowledge of American history is scanty. I liked the setting of the story and the description of a life which one knew was changing.

Sent to me by Edelweiss.


  1. A nice review, thanks for sharing,

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  2. There was an old POW camp near where we lived in Auburn and prisoners at that camp worked in the community. Some of them returned there to live once the war was over. This book sounds good to me.

  3. The setting is only three hours from where I live. A beautiful area. Adding the title to my list. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!