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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ryder - bird of Prey An Ayesha Ryder Novel by Nick Pengelly

 I liked the first book by this Author I got hold of and Netgalley very kindly sent me the second book.

It is a combination of many genres and it is mind boggling how smoothly Pengelly combines them all to give you a mystery thriller with plenty of historical fiction thrown in.

Ayesha Ryder is the heroine of the story. Palestinian born, and English educated she is also very well connected to the powers that be on either side of the pond. Also, equally in demand by many, hated by so many others who dislike her combination of brains and beauty and skill in the martial arts.

This time around we have a missing jewelled falcon with a legend behind it. The falcon through a series of clues leads you to the grave of King Harold II and thus to immense treasure. But the clues are not easy to decipher or understand and it is with this in mind that Ayesha's adventure begins. Set in the cloak and dagger atmosphere of Whitehall with assassinations and attempted assassinations galore, mercenaries and then moving onto the ancient legends and stories surrounding the Knights of the Templars, this was an exciting read.

The culmination was the best part of the story. Using twelfth century medieval fighting arsenal to hammer at a twenty first century enemy armed to the hilt with the best that modern day weaponry could offer.

The book was courtesy of Random House Publishing Group - Alibi.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful heroine and plenty of action. Plus skilful author, I am sure Ayesha will be back again!