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Friday, March 27, 2015

In the Shade of the Almond Trees by Dominique Marny

When you get a book with a cover like this and something which is plain with only the title on it which one do you get drawn to. I know covers shouldn't draw the reader in, but they certainly do it for me!

Just after WWI the Barthelemy family is trying to survive. Having lost its head of the family, the wife Marthe seems to have withdrawn into her own self - not bothering about the survival of the family run property of almonds and olives, nor about the welfare of a grown up daughter and a young sun. Marthe is frivolous, thinks only of herself and spends her entire day reading romance novels, blind to the real world just outside her door.

Laurent the son is hell bent on travelling, seeing the world and broadening his horizons.  He is a naturalist and wants to join their family friend Jerome in travelling to India and Cambodia and Nepal, collecting specimens of plants and this is his dream. It is left to Jeanne the daughter of the house, to step forward and do whatever she can to save the family property.

Being independent and an entrepreneur for a woman is obviously not going to be a cake walk. Eyebrows raised at every turn at her independence Jeanne ignores it all striving to save the property for Laurent and herself. Realising she is all alone in this venture she has to do her hardest to survive. And she does.

Finding love and heartbreak on the way Jeanne eventually overcomes all obstacles including the dislike of her mother and the scheming of a stepfather who comes to the family at a very vulnerable time.

This book was excellent in its story telling. Full of emotion and feeling also very descriptive of this part of France.

Sent to me by Netgalley courtesy of Open Road Integrated Media.

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  1. I also requested this one from NetGalley, based on the storyline and also the cover. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.