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Friday, September 5, 2014

As It Is In Heaven by Niall Williams

As It Is In Heaven

I was looking for another book by this author. Could not find that one so picked this one up. The book started slowly and I was wondering whether I should continue or give up on this one.

Stephen is a history teacher. Quiet, shy and very reserved. His father Philip is old and ill, dying in fact of cancer though he has not been to a doctor. He just knows he is. Philip lost his wife and young daughter in an accident and since then, he is just counting the days when he can be back with his wife and daughter on the other side. Philip talks to them and to all appearances in this story, they are as alive and present as they could possible be.

In this backdrop comes a violinist to this quiet backwater - a concert organized locally which Stephen attends. It is not just love at first sight, but Stephen is struck almost by lightening with his first glimpse of Gabriela. When Philip realizes that his son has fallen in love, he knows he has to live on at least till he gives his son the push he needs to follow his heart and his dreams to Venice and Gabriela.

The story more than the love of Stephen and Gabriela is one of a father's love, devotion and intuition where his child is concerned. The sacrifices that are needed on the part of a parent to see that his son reaches his goal and most importantly obtain the happiness of having a fulfilled life with a loving partner, the same happiness that Philip himself enjoyed is the main aim of Philip. 

The story is sentimental and sweetly loving. Maybe a touch too much but for me the story of the self sacrificing Philip was the most emotional part of the book. 

This was another download from Open Library. 


  1. That might be too sad for me right now since my mother-in-law died from cancer a few months ago.

  2. From the peace-inspiring cover, I can tell the story unfolds at a comfortable pace. It seems like the kind of book lovers of introspective and sweet romance would enjoy.

  3. Mystica, this does sound sentimental, as you said, and melancholic in a beautiful sort of way. I think I'd like Philip's character.

  4. I will definitely be reading some of his work, Mystica. Thanks!