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Friday, May 23, 2014

Scotch Rising by S J Garland

Scotch Rising (Markinch Series, Volume 1)

The year 1707 where an Act of Union has been signed bringing Scotland and England into one body. The feelings are very strong on either side with detractors and opposition quite vociferous despite the law.

Esmond come back from a brutal war in America wants to resign his commission from the Army and find a place of quiet and solace where he can lick his wounds in private. Devastated by the un-necessary death of his native Indian wife whom he adored, he cannot bear the wars that surround him and the knowledge that if he continues in the army he will have to face.  The Army however has other plans for him. Assigned by his commanding officer to take over an assignment in Scotland - overseeing the revenues due to the government on the distilling of Scotch and the rake offs and illegal stills that still seem to exist and which deprive the Crown of their legitimate dues, Esmond takes off reluctantly to the remote village to see what he has to do.

Immediately embroiled in discovering two murders, and himself under attack twice, Esmond knows he is onto something big as someone wants him out of the way. Trying to figure out who is the mastermind behind the scheme is the difficulty and this forms the major part of the story.  The fact that there is a Scottish lass who is also rather intrigued with Esmond and vice versa adds a piquancy and a touch of romance to the tale.

Interesting reading.  The book was courtesy of Netgalley via the publishers Smith Publicity - Maple Kakapo Limited.  Since few publishers are willing to send even e-books overseas, I am very appreciative that they did so as I otherwise have no access to this kind of read. Thank you.

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